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Baltic Lifejackets: Together Let’s Make Water Safety The Number One Priority

December 20, 2022
Baltic Lifejackets: Together Let’s Make Water Safety The Number One PriorityBaltic Lifejackets: Together Let’s Make Water Safety The Number One Priority

Text: Baltic Lifejackets on LinkedIn. Images: Imo Oceanum

Your water safety is the very reason Baltic Lifejackets exists today. Enjoying the water and making it a fun playground is all part of the philosophy our founder had back in 1977, when he created Baltic on the foundations that the best lifejacket is the one you wear. Baltic was established to create high quality lifejackets that were stylish, comfortable, suitable for all ages, shapes, and sizes and that would exceed safety standards.

Today Baltic lifejackets, buoyancy aids and flotation clothing are worn by millions of people when they take to the water for leisure and work. “Our work must continue,” comments Johan Lövqvist CEO of Baltic Lifejacket. “Many take to the water without a lifejacket. Some choose not to wear lifejackets ignoring or unaware of the dangers, some do not have the money to purchase them, and some are in countries where there is not the infrastructure or supply of them.”

We need to remember that lifejackets are not currently available to all. So, at Baltic, we are delighted to be working with IMO Oceanum bringing lifejackets to those in the Galápagos. Their programme has a mission to help educate children and their families in water safety and to make lifejackets available to children on the islands. They have found their solution with Baltic Split Front Lifejacket, with over 2,000 lifejackets planned and the first two hundred have already been distributed across Puerto Ayora, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Puerto Villamil and Puerto Velasco Ibarra. This is about more than lifejackets, it is part of a bigger programme educating over 30,000 inhabitants in key areas including the dangers in and around water, where to find reliable weather forecasts, wearing a lifejacket, keeping safe on a boat and basic CPR.

The sea is their playground, and the programme looks to help make it a fun and safer place to be!

At Baltic, we see it as one of our responsibilities to help our products reach everyone and we are overjoyed to work with projects like IMO Oceanum to help promote water safety. This Christmas or the next time you gift someone a SUP, Kayak, a swimsuit, or if you see someone taking to the water without a lifejacket, please gift them this message; just like you wear a seatbelt when you get in a car, please wear a lifejacket when you take to the water.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe New Year from all at Baltic Lifejackets

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