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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”
–Robert Louis Stevenson


Donations to the Imo Oceanum charity can be used to support all areas of our work. No matter how big or small, all donations are valuable to us.

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Donation level


for donations over $1,000,000
Here is an examples of what a platinum donation of over $1,000,000 could make possible:
Sea rescue boat for Sea Rescue Galapágos
A boat with high maneuverability and good gait characteristics for rescuing those in need in all weather conditions. The boat should be self-correcting, i.e. if the boat turns around during a mission, it can get back on the right keel.
Width: 4,5 m
Speed: 34 knots
Length: 12 m
Crew: 3-4 person
Time in action: 10 h
Donation level


for donations $100,000-$999,999
Here are some examples of what a gold donation of $100,000-$999,999 could make possible:
Sea Rescue Team
Staffing a Sea rescue base with 10 people for a year. While not on active duty, sea rescue personnel will work to prevent accidents by teaching safety at sea to children and their families.
Sea barges with oil containment booms
3 sturdy sea barges with 5.5 ton cargo capacity fitted with 200 meters oil containment booms. The containment booms acts like a fence to prevent the oil from further spreading until it can be cleaned up. 
Donation level


for donations $5,000-$99,999
Here are some examples of what a silver donation of $5,000-$99,999 could make possible:
Sea Rescue Jet Ski
2 specially developed Sea Rescue Jet Skis.
Length: 3,6 m
Width: 1,5 m
Speed: 34 knots
Depth: 0.1-0.3 m
Deplacement: 400 kg
Time in action: 3 h
Rigid inflatable boat for sea rescue operations.
Length: 7 m
Width: 2,5 m
Speed: 34 knots
Depth: 0.45 m
Deplacement: 1,2 ton
Time in action: 5 h
Donation level


for donations Up to $4,999
Here are some examples of what a bronze donation of up to $4,999 could make possible:
Life jackets
100 Baltic life jackets for the children of the Galápagos.
Heart starters
4 heart starters for Sea Rescue Galapágos.
10 Stretchers to be used on missions by the Sea Rescue Galapágos.
20 lifebuoys to be used in the the water safety and sea rescue programs in the Galápagos

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