Salinas Yach Club

It all begins in Muey on October 14, 1940, when Carlos Espinoza Larrea, Antonio Hidalgo Martínez, Federico Kenward, Pedro Menéndez Navarro, Rafael Serrano López and Ramón Fernández Fernández, gathered at one of the traditional picnics, take the initiative to form a social club, with its headquarters by the sea, to promote water sports. So, on the 20th of the same month, our 26 founding members meet at the residence of Pedro Menéndez Navarro and lay the foundations for the SALINAS YACHT, GOLF & TENNIS CLUB.

With a comfortable building for the needs of the time, the Club was founded at the end of October 1940 and its family, social and sports activities began.

As is to be expected, and consequently with its inherent nautical vocation, in a short time the importance of the areas destined to stimulate and promote maritime sports was highlighted. Thus, in 1947 the first ten-meter-long pier was built for the comfort of sport fishing and sailing boats.

Based in
Salinas, Ecuador