Ecuadorian Red Cross

The Ecuadorian Red Cross works to alleviate and prevent human suffering, from the communities, promoting well-being and dignity in diversity, through the sustained development of their volunteering.

The Fundamental Principles are supported at the international level through the 2020 Strategy by 6 values (people, integrity, partnerships, diversity, leadership and innovation). In our country, even starting from the assumption of all of them, we highlight 4 VALUES in relation to the people that make up the whole of the National Society, as well as to the people to whom we direct our humanitarian service:

Ecuadorian Red Cross, as a whole, and individually through each of its members and workers acts in accordance with the Fundamental Principles, as well as in compliance with the rest of international and national standards, with rectitude and sincerity executing at all times a transparent and responsible management and not putting, in any case, at risk the prestige and good work of the Movement or the National Society.

The Ecuadorian Red Cross is an open, equitable organization committed to the rights of all people, especially minorities. The Ecuadorian Red Cross respects the diversity of the communities in which it works, as well as that of its members and workers.

Closeness to people
We work closely with people, from communities, to strengthen their capacities, seeking sustainable solutions to their needs and vulnerability factors.

The Cooperation
Ecuadorian Red Cross, as a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and on the basis of its statutes, declares itself an auxiliary to the public powers and seeks partnership with them and the private initiative to support a better development of the most vulnerable people. All this in accordance with the Fundamental Principles, without compromising our emblem and guaranteeing the independence, impartiality and unity of our actions.

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